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Classes with Kits

Classes with Kits

When you book a class with a kit, we send participants all of the ingredients or supplies that they need. Read more about our kit-based classes and how they work!

Last updated:
August 26, 2022

What are classes with kits?

  • All kit-based classes come with a shipped kit component. Before their event, participants will receive a kit that contains the ingredients or supplies needed to participate in the event! 📦
  • When it comes to classes with kits, we know there are a few moving parts! Your dedicated Confetti team will assist with every step in the process, from collecting addresses to supplying tracking links for each participant’s delivery, to ensure a smooth planning experience! 😎 If you’ve collected addresses already, and don’t need our address collection form, please note this in the ‘special requests’ section of your booking! We generally do not recommend using previously collected addresses as these are often out of date or not guaranteed to be accurate.
  • As with any Confetti event, you’ll hop on Zoom with a host or instructor that will lead the experience for your team.
  • The cost of shipping, shipping insurance, and taxes are included in your final total. The tax amount will be shown on your screen once you move on to select a date and time. The price you see is the price you’ll pay. 💪
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  • ❓ For more information about what each kit-based class entails, read through the How it Works section on the experience page or check the FAQ section for additional details.  

How do classes with kits work?

  • Collecting Addresses: Once payment is received, event support will send you an address collection form and invite text to relay to your team! You can follow along with submissions as they roll in via the master tracking sheet, which you will have viewing access to. This email will also inform you of your address collection form deadline, at which point the form will close and processing and shipping will begin.
  • Finalizing Payment: Once your address collection form closes and the deadline has passed, event support will send you/the planner a payment link to settle up in case more participants sign up than initially planned for. If less participants sign up than originally planned for, event support will facilitate a refund for the difference (provided that you are above the minimum spend for this event).
  • Shipment Tracking: From there, addresses are sent out to one of our dedicated vendors to prepare, package, and ship your kits. Tracking information will be provided on the master tracking sheet as soon as it’s available so you can follow the delivery progress.
  • Delivery: Upon delivery, please direct your participants to unpack their kit, refrigerate any necessary items, and complete any specified preparation instructions for the class! Some kits or experiences may require extra work prior to your class to prepare — if applicable, this will always be noted in your invitations, prep sheets or kit inserts! Please reference our Shipping Insurance Policy for more information on what to do in the event of any delivery issues.
  • Follow-Up: One business day after your event, event support will check back in to see how everything went and pass along any pictures or class recordings (if requested)!

How far in advance do I need to book a class with a kit? 🗓️

  • We recommend booking about 4 weeks prior to your desired event date to allow for address collection, submission, and timely delivery of kits. We cannot guarantee availability or on time delivery for events booked with less than 3 weeks notice. * Please note some experiences may require more time and will be noted on the product page.
  • For orders with more than 100 participants, additional lead time may be required and will be communicated to you at the time of booking.
  • If your guest count increases more than 50% between booking time and address forms closing, there is a chance that additional lead time will be needed to accommodate the increase.

Can I reschedule or cancel my event?

  • Yes! Cancellation and Rescheduling policies for each event are located at the bottom of all experience pages. Please note: if you are rescheduling an event with perishable items, kits may need to be reordered in full if your new event date is past the expiration date of your items. Confetti cannot accommodate deliveries of partial orders.

Are classes with kits experiences customizable?

  • Some of our experiences offer a variety of kit options, but we don’t offer customizations outside of what’s available on the experience page. If you’re looking to include something in your event that isn’t explicitly offered on our platform, feel free to contact us and let us know — we’re always open to feedback and suggestions regarding our offerings! 📣

Do I have to do anything before my event?

  • Check out the “Required From You” section of the experience page to see what else is needed for the class that is not supplied in the kits! Additionally if applicable, a preparation sheet will also be included in your Event Briefing.

What if I have a last minute participant addition after shipping and/or processing?

We won’t be able to guarantee on-time delivery for any last minute participants, but you always have options:

  • If the kit-based class you’ve chosen has a comparable BYO experience on our platform, we can provide that participant with a shopping list of items to purchase. BYO participants are $15 per person.
  • If a BYO equivalent is not available, we can send that participant a kit and send them a recording of the scheduled class so they can participate on their own time once their kit arrives.

Does Confetti ship internationally? 🌎

  • At this time, Confetti can offer domestic shipping within the U.S. for all experiences, and a few experiences that can ship to Canada. Check out our Canadian Shipping Collection if you're interested in shipping to our neighbors in the North!
  • Outside of this, we don't currently support international shipping. We do, however, encourage any planners hoping to book a hands-on experience with an international team to take a look at our BYO Collection. Here we provide you with a curated list of ingredients or supplies for the event. Want to streamline this process even further? Purchase a physical gift card or online gift card for each of your participants so they can buy the items they need.
  • We also have more international friendly experiences that don't require shipping that you can check out in our International Teams Collection. 🌎

What if our kits get lost or damaged?

  • For more information on what to do if your kits are lost or damaged upon arrival, please reference our Shipping Insurance Policy Page!
  • If any contents arrive damaged or perished, you can fill out the Shipping Claims Form within 24 hours for perishable kits and 48 hours for all other kits.

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