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How do classes with kits work?
How do classes with kits work?

See how classes with kits work, from collecting addresses to shipment tracking and delivery.

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Collecting Addresses: Once payment is received, event support will send you an address collection form and invite text to relay to your team! You can follow along with submissions as they roll in via the master tracking sheet, which you will have viewing access to. This email will also inform you of your address collection form deadline, at which point the form will close and processing and shipping will begin.

Finalizing Payment: Once your address collection form closes and the deadline has passed, event support will send you/the planner a payment link to settle up in case more participants sign up than initially planned for. If less participants sign up than originally planned for, event support will facilitate a refund for the difference (provided that you are above the minimum spend for this event).

Shipment Tracking: From there, addresses are sent out to one of our dedicated vendors to prepare, package, and ship your kits. Tracking information will be provided on the master tracking sheet as soon as it’s available so you can follow the delivery progress.

Delivery: Upon delivery, please direct your participants to unpack their kit, refrigerate any necessary items, and complete any specified preparation instructions for the class! Some kits or experiences may require extra work prior to your class to prepare β€” if applicable, this will always be noted in your invitations, prep sheets or kit inserts! Please reference our Shipping Insurance Policy for more information on what to do in the event of any delivery issues.

Follow-Up: One business day after your event, event support will check back in to see how everything went and pass along any pictures or class recordings (if requested)!

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