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Shipping multiple kits to one location
Shipping multiple kits to one location

How to ship multiple kits to one destination.

Updated over a week ago
  • If needed, it is doable to ship all packages to one location for redistribution β€” otherwise known as Bulk Shipping! While we don't recommend this, if you'd like to proceed with this route, then we suggest planning as soon as possible in order to better guarantee on-time arrival for these kits to their final destination.

  • We also ask that you note any plans for Bulk Shipping in the Special Requests section while planning, so our team is aware as soon as possible and can help prepare accordingly!

  • Please keep in mind that Confetti cannot be held liable or accountable for those packages after reaching their first destination. Our Shipping Insurance policy will not cover any issues once these kits are re-shipped. Please also note that due to vendor shipping timelines, we cannot guarantee delivery by any specific date.

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