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What are some things to consider when booking for an international team?
What are some things to consider when booking for an international team?

Through our curated collection, we are able to connect and bring together teams, no matter how distributed.

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Through our curated collections, we are able to connect and bring together teams, no matter how distributed or large. Explore the following collections on Confetti specifically curated for international teams.

International Teams Collection 🌎 ‍‍

  • Languages: Confetti currently supports English language only. However, our collections offer ideas and activities that can still be enjoyed by diverse teams worldwide.

  • Translation Captioning: Confetti offers translation captioning, which is provided for free with our video conferencing platform. While the accuracy of these captions cannot be guaranteed, they serve as a means for participants to engage in the event. This feature can help bridge language barriers and enhance inclusivity for international teams.

  • Accessibility for Non-Kit Receivers: While Confetti primarily ships kits within the US and Canada, participants who cannot receive a kit can still be included. We recommend providing online gift cards that can be used to purchase the necessary materials for the experience. This way, individuals outside the shipping areas can still actively participate in the event.

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) Experiences: Currently, some DE&I experiences are not included in the International Teams collection due to their focus on US history. However, Confetti is actively working towards expanding our offerings to cover diverse historical and cultural perspectives from around the world. Stay tuned for updates and new additions!

  • Trivia-Based Experiences: While most of our trivia-based experiences are not recommended for international teams due to occasional US-centric pop culture references, our Classic Trivia is designed to be 100% international-friendly. It features questions that are accessible to a global audience.

  • Time Zones: If your international team consists of individuals in different time zones, consider offering multiple start times for events. This could include AM and PM slots, as well as scheduling events on different days of the week. By providing flexible timing options, you can accommodate participants from various regions and schedule and increase overall participation.

By following these best practices, international teams can organize successful and inclusive events that foster team building, collaboration, and maximum participation.

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