Hybrid Events

Hybrid Events

Confetti offers hybrid events for teams working between the office and home. Read more about our hybrid experiences and how to ensure a successful event!

Last updated:
August 26, 2022

What is a hybrid event? How does it work?

Confetti defines an event as hybrid when participants are joining as a group from the office or from both the office and from home. Whether you're joining remotely or from a conference room, our friendly and engaging virtual host will ensure that all your team members have a fun and fabulous time!

Getting ready for your hybrid event 💪

Each hybrid event is slightly different, as every office is set up uniquely! Although all Confetti hybrid experiences come with remote, real-time Zoom tech support, it's important to note that A/V equipment and A/V tech support is not included. Here are our recommendations for a seamless and engaging hybrid experience:

Video considerations 🎥

  • Camera: It’s imperative for optimal engagement that your host can see all participant faces and that all participants can see the host. Please ensure the devices you're using are properly positioned so the camera will be able to capture everyone.
  • Screen: If you have a large screen to project your Zoom call on, you are welcome to utilize this as an additional screen. For this we recommend using a shared projector screen or TV setup! 
    - Consider using a second laptop to pair with your projected screen as a microphone. Keep in mind that the farther away from attendees your host is, the harder it will be for them to see and hear you (and can result in delays during the event).
    - If you have an internal IT team, we recommend utilizing their help to ensure all tech is squared away and working properly.

Audio considerations 🎙️

  • Microphone: Please make sure that you can clearly hear your host and that your host can clearly hear you. Consider the space where in-person attendees will be calling into the Zoom call from. Rooms that tend to echo may not be ideal for a hybrid event experience. 
  • Zoom Functions: Please ensure that remote participants are able to mute and unmute their computers and have access to Zoom’s chat function so they can ask questions when needed.

Other things to consider 🤔

  • Punctuality: If a group of folks log on late, this may affect the flow of your experience! We recommend anyone logging on in-person join a few minutes early to ensure their tech is working. Our hosts typically join our calls ~10 minutes early for their own pre-event preparation.
  • Internet Connection: Consider the Wifi connection of where you'll be logging on and ensure it is strong.
  • Communal Space: For any experience with a physical component (like Cookie Decorating or BYO Beer Tasting), prepare enough space for each participant to complete the activity.

FAQs for Hybrid Events

What if the tech setup in our conference room won’t allow us to input an alphabetical password?

  • We strongly recommend that you test out the provided Zoom link a day or two before your event, including how you’ll be inputting your password (if needed). All Confetti Zoom links come with the password embedded to allow for one-click access. However, if you’ll be joining from a set-up that requires a manual input of Meeting ID & Password, please make sure you can successfully access the Zoom link before the start of your event! If not, please contact event support by replying to your event briefing email or responding to an existing ongoing thread you have with them.

What if we don’t know how many people will show up?

  • We can typically make accommodations for a small fluctuation of folks (less than 5) on the fly as long as the additions don’t exceed the maximum headcount parameters for your chosen event. All anticipated participants will need to be paid for in advance as we create materials for the expected headcount. You can always view an experience’s headcount minimum & maximum on the individual experience page. If more participants arrive than expected or if the number of unexpected participants exceeds the maximum headcount parameters, those participants are welcome to stay as observers.

Do in-person players and virtual players need to be on separate teams on my Sign-Up Sheet?

  • We recommend having in-person players and virtual players on their own teams as we find this helps keep the game flowing smoothly. However, you are welcome to mix and match players if you would prefer! This only applies to certain games – your event briefing will reflect if you need a sign-up sheet or not.

I booked a Virtual event, can I switch it to Hybrid?

  • It depends on the experience! If it is an experience that we currently also offer in a hybrid format, you are able to switch from a Virtual to Hybrid format up. Please contact event support if you need to make this switch.
  • For some games, please note that switching from Virtual to Hybrid may require you to also change your Team Assignment from Randomized to Choose Your Teams. Event support will let you know if this is the case.

Why isn’t the event I want available as a hybrid event?

  • We’re constantly working to make our events even more accessible to teams in all environments. However, at this time, not all our experiences are optimal for hybrid settings. This will be due to how the experience is currently designed or at the vendor’s request. Check out our Hybrid Events Collection to see all the experiences we offer that can be run as hybrid events!

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