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Event Briefings

Event Briefings

After your event is confirmed, we always follow up with an event briefing outlining your event details. Here’s everything you need to know about this document, including what to expect and other FAQs.

Last updated:
August 9, 2022

What is the event briefing and what do I do with it?

  • Think of your event briefing as your “hub” for all of your upcoming event information, all in one place. Reading through your event briefing ensures a successful experience for you and your participants! 
  • Each page of an event briefing contains important details regarding your experience, so please read through each page carefully. If all the information is correct, simply e-sign your name on the last page to confirm your approval, and you’ll be all set for your event!
  • Your briefing is not a legally binding document - your signature lets Confetti know that you’ve received your event information, that everything outlined is accurate, and that both parties are on the same page!

How and when do I receive my event briefing?

  • Once you book your event, event support will start gathering all of your event details, creating your Zoom link, and customizing your downloadable invite and materials as needed. When these items are ready, you will receive an email with a link to access your briefing. For any event with a shipped component, you can expect to receive your briefing once your address collection form closes. For any other experience, you’ll receive this or an update from event support within 1 business day of booking. 

What information is included in the event briefing? 

1. Event Details

  • This page reflects a countdown to your event date, time and an easily accessible copy/paste link to your meeting room.

2. Experience Overview (recap of what you’ve planned)

This page consolidates the information about the experience you’ve booked and includes:

  • Event Name
  • Total number of participants paid for
  • What’s included with your experience 
  • The format of your event (if applicable)
  • Addressing any special requests you may have listed upon booking 
  • The Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy for your event
  • Text fields to provide more information like ‘Group Details’ (if applicable)

3. Review Requirements

  • This section lists anything that is required of your team prior to or during the event. Some requirements will have a dotted line, which you can hover over for more information.

4. Point(s) of Contact

  • On this page, you’ll input the contact information of the person(s) that will be the Point of Contact on the day of your event. You can specify primary and secondary Points of Contact.
  • Filling this section out is required, so that if we need to get in contact with you about anything regarding your event we have the accurate information! The Point of Contact does not need to be present at the event in order for it to take place.

5. Extra Notes

This section will appear only if there are additional notes that the Point of Contact should be aware of and contains information that may need to be shared with participants prior to or after the event. This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Sign-up sheets
  • Address collection forms
  • Tracking sheets
  • Leaderboard (if applicable)
  • And more!

6. Event Invite

  • This section provides a customized invitation with graphics, along with any other necessary supplemental materials for your experience. You can easily download and distribute these materials however you like to raise awareness for the event.
  • You are not required to use our invite, but it is heavily recommended as it does often include important notes for your participants to prepare in advance.
  • Please note that we do not currently offer RSVP services at this time (coming soon!)

7. Policies

  • This page outlines Confetti’s policies surrounding event timing, solicitation, event recordings, urgent matters and other important information of note.

8. Signature

  • You’re almost done! On this page, you’ll sign off on your event briefing using your e-signature. This signature serves as your confirmation of all the details outlined in your briefing, as well as your acknowledgement and acceptance of the outlined terms and policies.

What if there’s information I need to change in my event briefing? 

  • You can reach out directly to event support by responding to the email you received containing your event briefing if anything in your briefing needs to be altered! They will let you know if changes can be made and if so, republish your briefing to look over and sign once more.
  • If you need to adjust your headcount, you can do so yourself!

Who has access to the event briefing? 

  • Only you do! If you want other team members to have access as well, you can add collaborators at any time - just look for the ‘Invite Collaborators’ button!

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