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Our Commitment to Inclusivity

Our Commitment to Inclusivity

Confetti's DEI experiences are always led by culturally representative vendors. Learn more about our commitment to diversity, inclusion, education, and allyship.

Last updated:
August 5, 2022

Our experiences are designed to be inclusive and diverse

As a company, we’re passionate about providing entertaining and informative cultural content. 

We only partner with hosts and vendors who are appropriately representative of the culture being discussed in that cultural event. 

When you book an experience with Confetti, you can rest assured that the host or vendor assigned to your event will be an authority in their field. For cultural collections and experiences, we define an authority not just as a host or vendor who is knowledgeable about something, but as a host or vendor whose cultural background and lived experience aligns with the community being represented in the event.

This also means that they’re passionate about a particular topic, have training, education, or experience regarding that topic, and have gone through a rigorous internal vetting process to ensure that they’re qualified to run an event on that topic. 

Our commitment to allyship  

We’re constantly working around the clock to bring on hosts and vendors who are passionate about providing exciting, unique, and thought-provoking cultural experiences. The current push for more diversity, inclusion, and cross-cultural training and development within companies means that these types of events are more popular than ever!

Meet our creators

Hispanic & Latin American Heritage Month

Meet the creators behind your Hispanic & Latin American Heritage Month Event

Pride Month

Meet the Creators Behind Your Pride Month Event

Women's History Month

Meet the Women Behind Your Women’s History Month Event

AAPI Heritage Month

Meet the Hosts Behind Your AAPI Heritage Month Event

Confetti defines true-allyship as a commitment to elevating the voices of historically underrepresented communities, giving them a platform to share their craft, and directing business back to their community.

Our goal is to create a more inclusive and empathetic world through the events we offer. 

At Confetti, we believe that cross-cultural education and understanding shouldn’t be limited to that one special week or month throughout the year. If you did not host an event during Black History Month, or simply want to reinforce the importance of celebrating diverse communities, choose to plan a diversity, equity, and inclusion-focused event in a different month! It will be a pleasant surprise for your employees, and it will have a positive financial impact on the small businesses of those vendors throughout the year. 

Find ideas for celebrating DEI all year long!

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