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BYO Experiences

Confetti’s BYO experiences are budget-friendly and super easy to coordinate for any team! Read more about BYO experiences, how they work, and other FAQs.

Last updated:
August 4, 2022

What are BYO experiences?

BYO experiences are budget-friendly and super easy to coordinate for any team! Instead of sending you a shipped kit, we will provide you with a shopping list of supplies and/or ingredients needed for your event. 📝 🛒

Because these experiences do not require shipping, they are the perfect option for teams of all sizes, located anywhere in the world. They’re also a great option for planning on a slightly tighter budget.

How do BYO experiences work?

After booking, event support will provide a shopping list to send to your team. The items on our shopping lists are designed to be flexible, affordable, and easy to find from your local grocery store. You may even already have these items on hand! Please note that costs may differ based on region and availability.

As with any Confetti event, you’ll hop on a Zoom call with a host that will lead the experience with your team.

❓ For more information about what each BYO experience entails, see experience-specific FAQs on each experience page. 


How far do I have to book in advance? 🗓️ 

It depends! Generally, we require less time to prepare BYO experiences than experiences with shipped kits. You’ll be able to see if your desired date for a specific experience is available while booking. If you’re booking far enough in advance, you'll be able to directly book and pay for your event. If lead time is insufficient, the platform will prompt you to request availability from event support.

Please note that our BYO event planning timelines are not intended to accommodate shipping if you’re sending out supplies yourselves.

How do I know what to get? Do I have to do anything before the event?

Sample shopping lists may be listed under the “Required From You” section of the experience page.

Once you book, you’ll receive an event briefing via email that will contain all of your event information, including any materials or preparation you’ll need to do beforehand. Please review these prep sheets and have all items on hand prior to the start of the event! 

Can we send out our own materials for your BYO class? 📦

You can send your own materials to your team, however, please ensure they’re aligned with the recommended materials included in your event briefing. Your instructor will not be able to deviate from the recipe or craft as this is already pre-vetted for optimal engagement and final results. If you do choose to send your own materials, please let event support know!

In addition, please ensure that self-arranged items arrive in time for your event, as our BYO planning timelines do not take into account shipping time

You can also send your team physical gift cards or online gift cards so that they can purchase their own items for the event!

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