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Event planning in 6 easy steps
Event planning in 6 easy steps

From creating your account and choosing an experience to finalizing your booking.

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1. Create an account

Sign-up is completely free! You do not need an account to browse, however, if you decide to book an experience, you will be prompted to create an account before completing payment.

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2. Choose an experience

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Confetti offers hundreds of experiences and is always adding unique experiences to its ever-growing catalog. The best way to browse through experiences is through our Curated Collections, which categorizes experiences based on type, occasion, group size, and more. If you’re booking an event for a specific holiday celebration, see our featured seasonal collections at the top.

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To view all of our main collections, scroll down to “Other Collections”. If you already know what you’re looking for, use the search bar at the top. 🔍 Not sure about which experience would be a good fit for your team? Our team is here to help! Reach out to a representative via the live chat function or send us a message at [email protected].

3. Customize your experience

Most of our experiences offer customization options, including format selections and upgrades. Now’s the time to also add Special Requests, if you have any. These include requesting time for brief introductions or taking photos of your group. While we can’t make any promises, we always do our best to accommodate. Event support will let you know if your request is possible via email or within your Event Briefing.

Still have questions? Click the “Get Help” button to read FAQs or speak with a representative via live chat.

4. Input your headcount & receive an instant quote

After reading about your experience of choice, choosing your customizations, and choosing your format, you may navigate to the “Headcount” tab on the right side of the screen. Inputting your exact headcount will generate an automatic price quote for you on the spot! Please note, if there is no place for you to input your headcount, it means that pricing is fixed regardless of the number of participants, or it is determined by other criteria like duration.

Pro-Tip: We recommend booking with your lowest expected headcount to lock in your experience, and increasing your headcount as needed so you do not overpay for spots.

5. Select a date & time

After clicking “Continue Booking”, you will be prompted to name your event and select your preferred date(s) and time(s).

  • For the fastest booking process, we recommend selecting black dates, which have times that are available for immediate payment and booking. To see if a slot is fully available, you’ll also need to input a specific time.

  • Gray dates are not available to select.

  • Yellow dates are unavailable or may have limited availability. If the date has limited availability, you can go ahead and select the date, however, it will require additional confirmation from our team. If you choose a yellow date, we recommend adding multiple dates to expedite confirmation of availability.

Booking an event and selecting the date and time

Pro-Tip: If you’re looking to plan multiple events, please plan them one at a time. If you’re not ready to pay yet, you can “Pause Planning” to save your event information, then continue planning your next experience. You can return to your event at any time from the “My Events” page. Paying for an event will also close it out so that you can start planning the next one!

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6. Finalize & pay

Congrats, you’ve made it to the final step of the process! After you’ve added your Date & Time and reviewed the experience Requirements, you will be brought to the “Finalize” page. You will be able to input your payment details and click “Book Now” if your date and time is available, or if event support has approved your requested date.

If you selected a date with limited availability: You will still continue with the booking process to the “Finalize” page. However, instead of progressing to payment, you will have to “Request Confirmation” from event support who will reach out via email within one business day.

Your event is only reserved once payment is received in full. If you’re not yet ready to finalize payment but would still like to qualify for instant booking, you can return to the booking later – just make sure to complete payment before the stated deadline. If needed, you can also access our W-9 on this page. Once payment is submitted, your event is confirmed with us! You will receive a receipt via email, and event support will follow up shortly with an Event Briefing including next steps, your Zoom link, downloadable invitation, and additional details.

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