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Using Non-Zoom Platforms

Using Non-Zoom Platforms

Here is everything you need to know and consider when running your event on a non-Zoom platform.

Last updated:
March 5, 2022

Can we use an alternative platform other than Zoom?

  • While all of our experiences are designed to run on Zoom, there is a selection of experiences that can run on alternative platforms! This is especially convenient if your team is unable to use Zoom due to security reasons, or if your booking is part of a larger team event that is already running on a non-Zoom platform.
  • Before you consider using an alternative platform - did you know that our Zoom is free for you to use? A Zoom download is strongly recommended, but you can also access Zoom from your browser, if needed. A lot of companies with policies restricting the use of Zoom have ultimately been able to get approval to make an exception since this is purely a cultural team event.
  • We strongly discourage the use of alternative platforms since that does not allow us to uphold our happiness commitment and ensure a smooth sailing experience. This is because the majority of our experiences are designed around Zoom's specific functionalities. In addition, our hosts, facilitators, and instructors are only fully trained to provide the best experience possible while using Zoom. 
  • Because Confetti does not have control over video calls using alternative platforms, we cannot provide any troubleshooting assistance, leaving the experience susceptible to issues (i.e. anything from poor audio quality to issues joining the call during your event). 

Which experiences can be run on non-Zoom platforms, and what other platforms can we use?

  • Due to event structure and logistics, only some of our experiences can be hosted using non-Zoom platforms. Check out our Non-Zoom Compatible Experiences Collection to see a full list of which experiences we can accommodate! 

How can I tell event support that I do not want to use Zoom?

  • Please note this in the "Special Requests" section when booking and event support will reach out via email to confirm if your event can be run on another platform!
  • If you have already booked, reach out to event support via email for next steps.

What features do I need to have enabled on my alternative platform?

  • Ensure that all participants (including your Confetti host) can join at any time
  • Remove any waiting room-like functionality since Confetti hosts and instructors often jump on a few minutes early to set up
  • Assign all hosting capabilities to your Confetti host or instructor (i.e. making our host/instructor the 'meeting host'!)
  • Your alternative platform must also have the following:
    - Chat functionality
    - Screen sharing capabilities
    - Audio sharing capabilities 
    - Breakout rooms (may only be required for certain events)

Who will provide this alternative platform meeting information?

  • Confetti is not able to provide the meeting links for events hosted on alternative platforms. We require this information (Meeting Link, Meeting ID, and Passcode) at least one week prior to your event. If you happen to be planning on shorter notice, we require that this information is provided upon booking, otherwise we cannot guarantee your request can be accommodated.
  • If this information is not provided or if any of the requirements/features cannot be met, we will automatically revert to a Confetti Zoom link to ensure the success of your event! 

What will be required of me as the planner?

  • You will need to have a team member join 10 minutes prior to the event start time to ensure our host or instructor is able to join 
  • Someone from your team must also be designated to act as 'tech support', and assist our host with any issues that may arise during setup, or throughout the duration of your event 

Additional requirements

  • Meetings held on alternative platforms cannot require prior registration. Due to company policy, we cannot provide contact information for our vendors. This also means that our hosts/instructors are not able to accommodate a pre-event day platform check/call.)

How will using an alternative platform affect my experience?

  • Reach out to event support to find out how your specific experience may be affected using a platform other than Zoom. Depending on the experience, utilizing an alternative platform other than Zoom may disrupt features such as background music, randomized team allocations, etc. 
  • Please note that events run on alternative platforms are not eligible to open disputes, as you forgo any and all Confetti tech support, as well as our satisfaction guarantee.

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