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Want to become a vendor with Confetti? Here's a quick guide on Confetti, why you should partner with us, and how our vendor partnerships works.

Last updated:
December 12, 2020

What is Confetti?

Confetti is an event planning marketplace helping companies build better culture. We offer hundreds of experiences that are all easily bookable online, from hosted game shows to classes with kits. Our mission is to make workplaces more fun and to inspire happier employees through the exciting and memorable events we create!

Our platform features the best group experiences provided by the creme de la creme of vendors we partner with to service our long list of corporate customers. We aim to empower small businesses through our business model and love seeing our vendor partners succeed and grow with us!

How did Confetti get its start?

Confetti was originally founded in 2017 by Lee Rubin and Eyal Hakim. Their goal was to streamline the event planning process, because -- let’s face it -- planning events, however large or small, is a TON of work for both the organizer (customer) and the vendor (you)! Together, they were determined to create an entirely new kind of event planning company designed to give people who don’t know the first thing about event planning an easy and quick way to put together a multifaceted, multi-vendor event.

With this goal in mind, they worked hard to develop an online platform where event organizers could browse different experiences, provide the necessary information, then sit back and relax while the Confetti team coordinates all the details with our network of highly vetted vendors.

Why work with Confetti?

  • Increase Your Revenues - we bring you high volume business, often from large corporations
  • Decrease Admin Costs - we handle all back and forth communications with customers, from general inquiries to sales
  • Save On Marketing Efforts - our business model allows you to piggyback on our reputation and extensive marketing efforts
  • Learn From Our Best Practices - we’ve used knowledge gained from our customers and vendors to perfect the virtual event experience
  • Get Dedicated Event Support - from planning to shipping, our customers (and vendors!) rely on our large team to get the best and fastest support service
  • Focus On What You Do Best - let us handle all the rest!

Vendor FAQs

How does Confetti’s business model work?

Our business model is a little different than that of classic marketplaces. Rather than having vendors compete with each other like they do on Etsy or CourseHorse, we offer a list of standardized experiences, which can be provided by a few highly vetted and cherry-picked vendors.

To find these vendors, we interview a handful of small businesses with unique and exciting product offerings. Sometimes we approach vendors with specific customers and events in mind; other times, vendors reach out to us to express interest in working with our company. Regardless of how vendors come to us, we are always excited to explore their offerings and discuss potential partnership opportunities!

How does the vendor vetting process work?

Potential vendors go through a proper vetting process to ensure their event offerings meet the highest quality standards before they’re invited to partner with us and fulfill the experiences listed on our platform. Here is what that looks like:

  • A short introductory phone call so we can learn more about your offerings
  • A longer conversation that covers how we work with someone from our Vendor Relations team
  • An agreement on pricing and other terms
  • Receiving a few direct testimonials
  • A meeting to discuss Vendor Do’s & Don’ts
  • Pre-Vetting Onboarding
  • Pilot Event
  • Pilot Review
  • Post-Vetting Onboarding

How do I get bookings from Confetti?

If all goes well in the pilot event, we’ll include you in the final running to become an approved vendor for a particular experience. Since we only work with a very select few, you will either be the only vendor providing your experiences, or one of 2-3 others. We will then sort them by primary vendor and secondary vendors.

Should you get the primary position, we’ll begin passing all of that category’s business to you. This empowers you -- and other chosen vendors -- to increase your business and generate additional income by getting access to our extensive client network.

We will only vet other vendors to provide the same experiences as you, once we run into scheduling constraints from your team.

What size events does Confetti typically do?

From small 5-person team gatherings to massive 1,000-person gatherings taking place across multiple Zoom rooms, Confetti does it all!

With that being said, the average team size is usually 10-20 people, and the average event size usually runs around 30-50 people.

Who will handle customer service issues?

Event support works around the clock with the Vendor Relations team to address customer questions and resolve any issues with planning, executing, or providing customer service for events.

My experience has a shippable component. How does that work?

We have a dedicated Shipping & Logistics team responsible for tracking and monitoring all shipments, from the moment they leave your facility until they are safely in the hands of our event attendees.

Our team will reach out to event attendees with potential shipping issues, work closely with shipping carriers to troubleshoot problems, and brainstorm creative solutions with our clients, leaving you free to focus on what you do best!

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