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Must-Haves for Your Office Cinco de Mayo Party

Put your tasks & to-do lists aside, and embrace the tacos & tequila with open arms.

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But it’s more than just the food, the piñatas, or the Mariachi music–Cinco de Mayo is first and foremost a historical day for the Mexican community. We want to take this time as an opportunity to honor our incredible compadres and amigos, and show them our appreciation and gratitude for their passion and hard work. To celebrate this special day, we put together a few must-haves for an Office Cinco de Mayo Party that everyone will be sure to remember.

Two words: Taco Station.

Did we get your attention yet? How about this: Guacamole. Nachos. Pico de Gallo.

We don’t burrito-round the bush here: everyone loves tacos and salsa. Great parties are usually the ones with an awesome selection of food. On this special occasion, level up your food game by setting up a taco or burrito station. You can also add the usual favorites like chimichangas, taquitos, quesadillas, and fajitas.

Bring the office to full fiesta mode with colors & decor.

Decorate the office with green, red, and white colors to add to the spirit of the celebration. Decorate the tables with miniature piñatas and succulents as centerpieces. For an extra touch, include crepe paper flowers in assorted colors and hang them on the walls.

If you want to further the fun, rent a photo booth. These usually come with backdrops and props. Be sure to encourage your work amigos to get plenty of pictures together.

Add activities that will help you get to know your amigos better.

Jalapeños should not be the only thing bringing heat to the party. Host a few hot games like Trivia de Mayo. This is a regular trivia/drinking game, where participants earn “Smart Ass Points” for answering questions they don’t know as their memories get foggier.

Of course, you can’t call this a Cinco de Mayo party without setting up a piñata. Candies can be fun, but we recommend filling it with prizes that everyone can enjoy–we’re talking about gift cards or movie tickets.

If you want to bring the party to life, have a live band play some Mexican acoustics. For an even more interactive experience, hire a salsa instructor to get everyone on their toes.

Tequila. Tequila. Tequila.

Or fancy it up to have Margaritas. You can also hire a bartender to mix up some Sangrias and Mojitos for everyone. Make sure to serve alcohol with approval from HR first. It never hurts to review your company policy when it comes to serving alcohol at any office function.

BONUS: Cinco de Star Wars Party.

For the Star Wars fans (like us!), this is for you. Include some Star Wars themed food in the buffet. Add a Millennium Falcon cutout on the wall. Maybe have a stormtrooper (or a Jar Jar Binks) piñata. For more ideas on how to put this together, contact us and may the force be with you.

As a company never to miss an opportunity to bring happiness to the office, we’d like to spill the beans on how the most innovative companies out there not only have employees who perform well, but they also have employees who (know how to) party well.

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